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Everything is better sloppy. Sloppy Joe, sloppy wet burrito, sloppy seconds. Well, almost everything is better sloppy. One thing that definitely falls under the category of better as sloppy is a massage. Far too many massages at the spa just never get close to this. The massage therapist might use a bit of lotion so it is not just dry skin on dry skin, but it really isn't enough to truly feel slippery and lubricated. Unless there is some sort of massage lotion shortage going on in the world that we don't know about, why is it that they are so stingy on the oil? Well, that is something you don't need to worry about with a sensual NURU massage.

The Best NURU Massage

Chances are, if you've made it to your local spa, or a spa in general, you just are not going to find "NURU massage" listed on the menu, and you are probably better off not ordering this kind of massage, unless you are in some back alley, middle of the night massage parlor, and in this case you might want to leave as you may wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a sign reading "thanks for the kidney." No, instead, the only real way to have a NURU massage done is if you seek out escorts to your room. This girls to your room Las Vegas message is an amazing thing to experience. The massage is unlike anything else and your girl is going to be far and away a more attractive individual rubbing you down over what you might find at the local spa.

So, NURU massage is usually not found on the menu at the local spa. Why is that, exactly? Well, most spas kind of have a strict rule against the therapist getting naked and using her breasts to rub your neck. Kind of a no-no when it comes to those other "high brow" locations. But, let's face it, which one actually sounds better? Having firm, supple breasts rubbing the tension out of your neck, or slightly dry hands that skipped on the lotion? If you're actually contemplating the answer to this a Las Vegas in room massage might not be the thing for you. LEGO Land is just a few hours to the West in Cali, so maybe you took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Sin City by mistake.

NURU massage from TomokoSo, speaking of the lack of lotion, that is one thing your Las Vegas in room massage services is not going to be lacking. NURU is a Japanese form of massage that combines a water based oil and plenty of body heat. It is not a deep tissue massage where they work pressure points and you secretly want to scream out in pain. Instead, this is a warming massage. Think of it almost like a hot stone massage, only the hot stones is a woman's body and the body is lubed up and moving across your body. Alright, so outside of the warming aspect, it is way different from a hot stone massage, but the warming agent is present. This helps reduce the tension in your muscles, which in turn allows her body weight to work through your muscles and give you the relaxing massage you've always wanted.

Spoiler Alert: It's a Happy Ending

So, your sensual massage Las Vegas escort is all lubed up and treating you like that childhood Slip N' Slide your parents never gave you. You probably don't want the in room massage Las Vegas escort to ever stop giving you the business either. However, it has to stop somewhere and at sometime, so you should naturally have a clear cut ending point. Most regular massages don't have a clear ending. It is just an abrupt stop, like a car driving into a brick wall. You are on a massage high (which is partially aided by all the toxins being released from your tense muscles), but this massage comes to an abrupt halt when she's suddenly done. Your sexual massage Las Vegas experience is not going to be like this.

There really is only one way for the Las Vegas sensual massage to come to an end, and that is with a happy ending. Your Las Vegas naked massage is going to be pretty sad when the Asian massage Las Vegas escort climes off of you. Due to this, you need something to take your mind off of it. With a happen ending Las Vegas experience, you'll still be in your sensual high and in completely bliss while the escort cleans up. This really is why a NURU massage Las Vegas experience is all about and it is exactly why you need to look for such an escort to give you one.


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